Doug Hayden
Executive Producer
Specializing in branded content marketing, Doug Hayden studied film and television at SAIT and Ryerson University and is the founder of In-Houze Productions. Doug bases his business on the belief that giving back to the community is crucial for success and supports many causes, including the Woman’s Shelter and the Food Bank. An active Albertan, Doug was awarded the Alberta Gold Centennial Award in 2005 and awarded the Diamond Jubilee Award in 2012.
Kim Hayden
Executive Producer
From Kansas to Calgary, Kim has had an extraordinary journey and is a successful business leader and TV host. Passionate about expanding Calgary’s growing film and TV sector, Kim brings her own patented brand of humour, confidence, and creativity to everything she touches. Kim’s Christmas Cottage was nominated for a Rosie Award in 2016 for Best Children’s Series and Home’s and Lifestyles Canada was nominated in 2018 for Best Lifestyles Series. A mother of three and friend of many, Kim is a producer, host and mentor whose goal is to leave this world just a little bit happier.
Barb Briggs
Producer - Director
A producer, director and writer, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, Barb received training and mentorship through many film and television mentorship programs including Women in the Director’s Chair and National Screen Institute. Along with directing seasons one and two of Homes & Lifestyles Canada, Barb has directed award winning web series, music videos and shorts. She sits on several boards that promote women in film and television. Barb enjoys collecting comic books and female lead Funko Pop characters as well as binge watching Netflix while drinking margaritas.
Jarrett Glockzin
Producer - Director
Highly motivated, Jarrett’s passion for film and video production led him to pursue a diploma in Radio, Television, and Broadcast News from SAIT, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Mount Royal University. Dedicated to exploring digital media through drama and storytelling, he creates powerful pieces within Calgary’s marketing industry. With credits in both Lifestyle and fictional television production, as well a music videos, his goal is to develop and create content that showcases the talents of Alberta’s amazing crews and storytellers.
Alex Nadoloshko
With over 10 years of experience, Alex has filmed broadcast television shows, corporate events and everything in-between. His belief that imagination is key, lends him to out-of-the-box ideas and captivating shots. Alex has received a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Computer and Information Systems Security. When not capturing the moment, Alex enjoys riding his motorcycle and visiting his family in Ukraine.
Taylor Graw
A graduate of the Radio Television & Broadcast News program at SAIT, with a major in editing, Taylor enjoys working behind the scenes on music videos, trailers and broadcast television. His tireless dedication and eagerness to learn shows in his work. With a passion for the arts, Taylor breathes creative fluidity into all aspects of his life whether it be skateboarding, photography, or playing drums in the local Calgary music scene.
Dexter Hayden
Sound Recordist
According to Dexter’s Facebook page, he studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which might have contributed to the almost magical way he has a solution to every problem. Reliable and always where you need him to be, Dexter’s optimism and fun-loving nature is “riddikulus”.
Lydia Adair
Production Coordinator
Lydia has an uncanny knack for knowing exactly what you need when you need it. A jack-of-all-trades with experience on both sides of the camera Lydia is always eager to collaborate and never one to shy away from hard work. When not creating convenient spreadsheets, she enjoys performing in Calgary’s local talk show Late Night at the Plaza and walking her dog Ariel.
Jenna Rene
Social Media
The founder of Dazzling Princess Parties and co-founder of Masked Canvas Productions, Jenna’s social media savvy is on-point. She has provided her insights to Homes & Lifestyles Canada Season Two as well as Late Night at the Plaza, which has gained a cult following. Having travelled to over 17 different countries, Jenna enjoys honing her photography skills and eating mushroom pizza.